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A genuine fine-dining experience awaits

Zero Otto Nove has earned the praise of both reviewers and casual foodies at the same time for its old world inspired dishes, which find new life in a refreshing setting. If you are looking for a spot to have a casual weeknight dinner, to go for a date night or take your family out, Zero Otto Nove is the obvious choice. Dining rooms are created to give a perception like you are in a wedding reception, starting with the exceptional food, top-notch wines and a friendly vibe all together intertwined.

You are all set for a southern-leaning fare, which ranges from a roster of irresistible pizzas and pastas al cartoccio to deliciously hearty entrées.
The inviting space flaunts warm, courteous service and a regular fan following, so you’ll be lucky to score a seat.

What Makes Us Different


Always giving people more than what they expect to get. No compromise with quality.


The widest variety of italian cuisine brought to you with the greatest elegance.


Pleasant atmosphere and spectacular decor. A fine dining experience you don't want to miss out.


Highly professional service, freshly cooked meals directed by our chef Roberto Paciullo.

Roberto Paciullo started in the restaurant business over 20 years ago in the Arthur Avenue section of the Bronx.
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